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Alternatively, you may order a copy of the latest I-I ‘S.O.S’ Guide which is our basic manual for dealing with corruption, cronyism and criminality in the institutions of the Irish State. Individual orders can be placed online via Amazon. Bulk orders (of 5 or more copies) can be sourced at 30% discount by emailing ‘’.

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Or, order your own copy of the ‘I-I S.O.S Guide’ The Integrity Ireland SOS Guide - new title information.. New title information for  reviewers and resellers I-I SOS Guide preview.. 18-page  preview

A Free I-I SOS Guide is offered to anyone making a donation of €100 or more. Please make sure you include your full postal address. Thanks.

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April 2016 - Due to the overwhelming numbers trying to contact us via the main I-I Facebook page and website, we have now set up 5 regional Facebook pages where you can contact other I-I members and supporters in your area. Please click on your location below for more information. Thank you.

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