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We are on an educational mission to expose what we are calling ‘The Great Lie’ which, in a nutshell is the mistaken belief that our governments actually work for the People and that the Rule of Law actually exists in Ireland.

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On January 15th 2022, Stephen’s wife Noriko suffered a catastrophic episode requiring life-saving brain surgery. Thankfully, Noriko survived the operation but ‘recovery’ - as-and-when it progresses - will be long and arduous. We are also facing an imminent house move because the house we have been renting for 7 years is being sold from under us. Meanwhile, and apart from persistent and unrelenting harassment from the Gardai operating under the illicit instructions of corrupt judges; we are being shut out - literally - from lawful access to the Courts and our attempts to pursue criminal complaints about Noriko’s fundamental & constitutional right to bodily integrity is effectively being denied to us. Thousands of people worldwide have responded in kindness and love to the news of Noriko’s predicament and suggestions have been made to set up a fund to help us - especially with the upcoming move whereby we hope to raise enough money to secure some sort of a safe ‘home’ environment going forwards. Our special needs son Danny also needs to be cared for. We would greatly appreciate any and all help at this difficult time but our first preference is that people purchase the CCC book (below left) so that our mission to raise awareness of the great evils we are all facing continues. If you wish, you may contact Stephen privately with any other offers of help (until March 30th) at: Mountain, Forthill, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo F35 KP94 or email: Thank you for all the love & support..

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Stephen & Noriko Manning IE83 AIBK 9352 2007 2550 20


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