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“When members of the public have a complaint against a solicitor, they are channelled into a desperately complex and convoluted process that is neither fair, just or independent.”  

Routine deception, forgery and perjury seem to be the norm for an unacceptably-high number of legal practitioners. But between the Law Society, the Gardai and the Courts, none of them seem willing or able to deal with it..”

“Making a complaint to the Garda Ombudsman has proven pointless and farcical. It’s clear that the first priority of the GSOC is to protect employees of the State - not the wronged citizen”.

The Garda Commissioner appoints GSOC investigating officers - who are invariably Gardai - and he/she oversees GSOC investigations and makes the final decisions - without being accountable to the GSOC or to the wronged citizen!?

Here to support and encourage, and help pursue your complaints.

“At first, when you try to explain what’s going on - people just don’t believe it!”

In mid-2012, seven concerned citizens met to discuss their experiences. Each had, in one way or another, tried to bring a complaint to various Irish authorities - about the improper or illegal activities of other authority figures or, of certain ‘well-connected persons’ in Irish society. The responses they received were shocking - by any standards. Not only were the complaints not properly addressed, but each of these otherwise law-abiding citizens suddenly found themselves the target of unjust, prejudicial and intimidatory tactics by the very authorities they had approached for help and assistance. Some were ignored or obstructed. Others were harassed and threatened. Some were arrested without proper cause, and others, trying to seek assistance from their elected representatives or statutory oversight bodies were likewise treated with contempt. For some, this abuse spans many years. Finally, seeking redress through the Courts, they found themselves subject to unbelievably prejudicial and unjust decisions - despite overwhelming evidence in their favour. Shocked, appalled and disillusioned at the manner in which individual citizens could be targeted and abused in this way by highly-paid authority figures, a collective decision was made to take a stand.        


What we do for members

Trust, confidentiality, action..

Receive your complaints - confidentially

Connect you to other helpful members  

Offer direct support, help and advice

Attend your tribunals and Court cases

Provide ‘expert’ witnesses and reports

Offer publicity for your situation

Joining is easy

Two membership levels..

(i) Support Members: Open to anyone who can offer any constructive help, support, advice or other service to members.  

(ii) Active Members: Need to demonstrate that they have been ill-treated by the authorities, and lodge a standard confidential complaint form with us.

In addition, I-I Panel Members consist of active members who commit to extra responsibilities such as administration, website management, interviewing and assisting new members, hosting meetings, and documenting court hearings and tribunals.      

Click here for the standard application form

..and lobby for justice for members at national and international levels by documenting and cataloguing members’ complaints (in secure formats) for regular presentation to the media, the Courts, and Human Rights authorities.  

Other membership benefits

You’re no longer alone..

If you’re reading this, then you are probably already aware that trying to take on ‘the system’ on your own is practically impossible; especially when that ‘system’ is so utterly compromised and dysfunctional. There are just too many ways that ‘the system’ can bend, break or change the rules at will, to achieve illegitimate ends, and the wronged citizen thus becomes repeatedly victimized, isolated and alienated. But by becoming a member of ‘I-I’ you place yourself at the heart of a community of dedicated and determined citizens who already know what you are going through, and are ready, willing and able to volunteer their support and assistance. You also gain access to the private members area where a range of ‘special resources’ await, including confidential complaints logs; special warnings and cautions; details of free member-to-member services; and direct access to panel members when you need immediate assistance.  

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In May 2015, Stephen was selected as one of seven independent candidates to participate in the innovative 1st Independent Mayo political initiative, where several genuinely ‘fresh’ independent political candidates have come together to pool resources in a ‘collaborative competition’ which aims to re-establish genuine grass-roots democracy in Ireland. Beginning in Castlebar, Co. Mayo - the seat of the serving Taoiseach Enda Kenny - the candidates will engage with the public in town-hall debates with a view to identifying who is best placed to contest the general election in 2016 - the centenary of the birth of the Irish Republic. Hopefully, the idea will catch on all around Ireland, and the electorate will seize this unique opportunity to break the stranglehold of party politics - and all of the woes and ills that come with it.   See Stephens bio here.    See Stephen’s webpage here.

View bios of all seven candidates here

1st Independent Mayo starting seven.. Twitter account for Stephen T Manning, I-I Administrator and 1st Ind Mayo candidtae IMPORTANT!. NEW! The I-I ‘S.O.S’ Guide X Important! How to Join  us - 2017 Political innovation in Co Mayo - the 1st Independent Mayo project catches the imagination of the electorate.. Order the I-I SOS Guide here.. How to Join I-I - important update 2016..